My tho tourist attractions, visit My Tho is a city of Tien Giang Province. It’s located on the North side of the downstream of Tien River - mekong river. Its North and West borders are Cho Gao Province, Chau Thanh District on the East and the South is Tien River and Ben Tre Province. Things to do in my tho ? My tho tourist attractionsFood at My Tho: My Tho is well-known for Hu Tieu which like Pho in Hanoi, making from noodle with beef or pork or chicken & local tropical herbs. My tho tourist attractions: Coming to My Tho, travelers do not miss to visit Buu Lam Pagoda & Vinh Trang Pagoda. Vinh Trang Pagoda is worshiped Buddhism at the largest group in Tien Giang province, there are 60 valued wooden statues and unique of La Han statue that was carved in 1970 & the masterpiece art of Mekong River Delta.  Buu Lan pagoda is ancient pagoda, keeping up the old. Can you visit My tho night market, adventure my tho mekong delta tour 

My tho tien giang tourist attractions

My tho tourist attractions: architecture with carving & engraving on the door & wall. My Tho boat tour 

How to get into My Tho Tien Giang tourist:  My Tho is territory of water & land ways. It is very convenient to departure from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho. The water way is very opening by Tien River that is major river connecting to Mekong river, where to connect to other provinces in Mekong River Area & to the east sea & easy to flowing Tien River to Mekong river to Saigon river to Ho Chi Minh city.  The land ways, it is following the national road no.1 to Ho Chi Minh City & western provinces, 70 km to Ho Chi Minh City, 100km to Can Tho, and 48 km to the east sea.

Welcome to History My Tho tourist: My Tho’s history is early-come into this land since 1623, when Kinh people came from northern part & central part of Vietnam, coming here for set-up the homeland in the left side of Bao Dinh river, all most of them to live on agriculture & doing trade. In 17th century, My Tho has been a major center of trade in  the southern part of Vietnam. My Tho has been passing many different names & administration until 1900, My Tho land has been My Tho town, Tien Giang Province.

                                  visit my tho by horse - My tho tourist attractions

My tho tourist attractions: Nowadays, My Tho is center of politic, culture, economy, technology & science in Tien Giang province, it is major city in the Mekong delta, Vietnam.
My Tho city has strong advantages to trade, services & tourism, being strong potentials of tourism in My Tho, it is particularly in the orchards, eco-tourism & travel community.

Coming to My Tho tour, travelers to visit Dong Tam snake farm, where to raise many kinds of poisonous snakes & growing a lot of kinds of traditional medical herbs that for researching & creating precocious medicines.   My Tho’s entertainment is coming to Thu Khoa Huan park, being in the section of Tien River & Bao Dinh river. 

Thoi son island - My tho tourist attractions

Traveler to do shopping, should go to Coop Mark for buying anything, if travelers want to buy special local products from My Tho island.
My tho tourist attractions: Coming down to Lac Hong pier, travelers hop on the tourist boat to visit Islands where to try the tropical fruits from orchards, bee farms, listen & watch traditional folk music performance in Mekong River Delta

Con phung island - My tho tourist attractions

My tho tourist attractions - My Tho tourist is right in the connecting way from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta in both via land and water. It is a gate of Mekong Delta area.


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>>>> Can you see tour:  mytho boat tour 
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My tho tourist attractions same as Vinh Trang pogoda, Thien vien trua lam chanh giac pogoda, dong tam snake farm, monument thu khoa huan, Tien Giang museum, ..v.v. 

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Mytho tourist - Travel Destinations at My Tho : 8 30.4 st Mytho city - Tien Giang . Coming to My Tho, travelers do not miss to visit Buu L...

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